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^ Stake STtS6R:BIG80:STt5

Contract Details

STt (staked token); S (staked); 1 (staking term {i.e. 6-months}); R (token staked for POS reward); m (actively maturing); BIG (fund that the token is staked to); 80 (discounted yield percentage);  STt (POS token that will be earned during maturity); 5 (monthly POS yield percentage)

  • 6-month STt POS staking, backed by your STt holdings;
  • There is a minimum staking transition period of 15 days (funds transfers, distribution, and holding confirmation);
  • Token value will earn monthly POS rewards, and compounded fund yield during the contract term;
  • Token POS reward value will be rewarded as STt each month during your maturity period.

Contract Initiation & Cancelation

Contract initiation steps:

  1. Using the form below, you will transfer your STtS6R:BIG80:STt5 tokens to the BIG Bank;
  2. Your contract will begin immediately upon transfer of your staking tokens, using the form below;
  3. Once you successfully transfer your STtS6R:BIG80:STt5 tokens, you will receive a (STtS6Rm:BIG80:STt5) token transferred to your wallet;
  4. You have 24 hours to request a contract cancelation before the contract is locked;
  5. If you cancel your contract within your 24 cancelation period, you will be charged a 5% fee, this fee is deducted during your token return transfer;
  6. Your STtS6Rm:BIG80:STt5 will include an expiration date, at the end of your expiration date your principal staked token will be returned.

Reward Conversion

Once your token contract has fully matured you will receive STt tokens in exchange for your principal token value and interest accrued.

STt conversion at contract maturity (STtm):

  • The principal will be returned as STt,
  • POS interest will be earned monthly according to your contract interest earnings,
  • Fund interest will be paid at the end of the contract maturity as BIGmint


HINT: add reference notes for yourself, such as current token value.

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