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BIG is dedicated to the successful development of member resources. Each token and associated fund, controlled by participating members, is invested into economy-driven assets, and investment opportunities.

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BIG Mission

BIG Mission

BIG is on a mission to establish a group fund, distribute income equality, and grow a global, member-owned economy with a blockchain-based ecosystem.

BIG is the primary group investment fund of Brown Investment Group. BIG Fund, or BIG Fund Network, is a collaborative investment fund that allows voluntary member participation and management.

The primary goal of BIG is to own global business investments and enterprises operated and distributed with a balanced revenue share model among the BIG Fund member network.

Unlike traditional businesses or investments, BIG is designed to have equal representation without the opportunity for corporate or ownership consolidation. This operational strategy is intended to provide equal representation, and rewards, to all participants accordingly.

The secondary goal of BIG is to provide investment opportunities to the group that would otherwise only be available to large funds or ultra-wealthy individuals.

The third goal of BIG is to provide a stable investments and income sources to all participants. This is implemented through 4 fund components; the BIG Block Direct Rewards Program, the Primary Fund (BIG Fund), the Recycled Fund, and the newest token initiative Resting Network Fund.

BIG is a group investment fund first. It is member-driven and requires voluntary participation. Each fund component is distributed through a token system.

Each fund established through member contributions is managed through member participation. Each fund has a synced BIG token. Token value, growth, management rules, and investment initiatives can be found on the respective token website (from the menu).

Token development is currently in the Alpha Phase and is not currently distributed through blockchain. Beta Phase blockchain distribution goal is set for April 30, 2022.

BIG Token Distribution

BIG Fund

BIG Fund is the primary investment fund operated under the BIG Token. Investment protocol is determined by the contributing members.

Investment tracking, yield, and rewards are distributed through the BIG Network Token Network.

Each assigned token tracks and manages one of the funds investment portfolios and/or protocols.

All tokens distributed through the BIG network are delivered 100% to contributing members through the BIG Network - BIG Block program.

No corporate, development, advisor, or similar token withholding is allowed.

Member contributions are distributed through a 23/77 fund split.

A minimum of 23% is directly allocated to investment protocols determined by the Block or Token initiative.

77% of the member contribution is distributed through the associated Rewards Program. This Rewards Program distributes member contributed funds to member rewards first (Direct Reward Fund), overhead, and maintenance second (Direct Reward withholding accounts), and the balance is distributed to reinvestment tokens, primarily RFt.

Token Allocation

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Funds Allocation

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BIG Blocks

BIG Blocks

Member Contribution is available through participating memberships in one of seven (7) BIG Block options.

BIG Blocks are the backbone of the BIG Fund Network. 

BIG Block membership was designed for one specific purpose – PROTECT AGAINST TOKEN/FUND CONSOLIDATION and/or EQUALITY DISTRIBUTION of member rewards and token distribution.

Members can join blocks at will; however, in order to join the next highest block, the member must participate in all applicable lower blocks.

Each BIG Block may elect to have an independent Block Investment Initiative. These initiatives will determine how investment block funds (23% min) are distributed.

Each participating block member has an equal vote in the block management initiatives.

Each BIG Block has a different member contribution schedule. 

Block Rewards (tokens) are delivered to members who join with a one-month, or 12-month commitment contract.

Members who pay monthly receive a 30% reduced Block Reward schedule.

Token Management

Token Governance

Each token distributed through the BIG Network is controlled by the participating members.

Every token is managed under its approved set of rules and operating protocol.

Participating members each have one (1) equal vote for the purposes of Management or Investment Initiative proposals in a Fund or Token in which they participate.

The CEO (or other approved C-level member) of the token, or token fund, has veto power over each management or investment initiative.

The founder, and current CEO, is Jason Scott.

C-Level members are added or removed with a 60% majority formal vote.

C-Level members hold no formal vote capacity at this time. They are established for management and executive leadership responsibilities only.

Presidential members are added or removed with a 60% majority formal vote.

Presendential members hold no formal vote capacity at this time. They are established for management and executive leadership responsibilities only.

Member Managers are added or removed with a 60% majority formal vote.

Member Managers provide member oversight of Fund or Token management.

Member Managers may retain some formal vote capacity, depending upon their elected position.

Participating Members are provided one (1) equal vote in each Fund or Token in which they are an active member.

Advisory Committee Members have no formal vote capacity.

Advisory Committee members hold no formal vote capacity at this time. They are established for advisory roles only. These roles may include responsibilities to the executive members or the participating members as outlined in the Token or Fund protocol.

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