Managed Capital Special Report

Up To $5 Million Dollars In Managed Trading Capital Accounts

Earn Up To 50% Monthly Commission On Monthly Earned Income

This Lower-Risk Strategy Could Produce Hundreds or Thousands of Percent Gains Every Year

If you were to ask me:

“Jason, what is your hands down, number one business or investment opportunity?”

It usually puts me in a tough spot.

Nobody wants to hear the usual answer:

“It depends on your personal situation… Your goals… Your skill sets… and your tolerance for risk.”

But what do I really think?

Hands down – it’s the strategies outlined in my – 

Managed Capital Report

As many of you know, I have been building businesses for over 12 years. I love building new businesses, online and off, because it is a way to generate income that I have control over; rather than just investing and hoping someone else will do it for me. 

So what makes Managed Capital so unique?

"Managed Capital is the only non-business-startup investment I recommend."

I would recommend Managed Capital in any market, but, I predict Managed Capital may see some once-in-a-decade opportunities within the next 12-18 months.

Day trading thrives on daily global market volatility and any Melt Down could cause it to come crashing down like a Jenga tower.

Managed Capital opportunities can produce amazing monthly yields, exceeding 20% monthly, and the coming market could offer opportunities for even greater returns.

What Is Managed Capital

Managed Capital includes two main components:

  1. Trading Capital Account (available at .05% and no downside risk to you)
  2. Capital Account Trading Manager

Here is a basic explanation of when a trader works alone:

  1. You will start a Capital Trading Account and you must be knowledgeable enough to make trades successfully
  2. Income is earned in stocks, forex, indices, etc. when a profitable trade is executed
  3. An extremely talented trader may earn 2-8% per month after all wins and all losses
  4. If you begin with $1,000, you could earn a net $50-$80 per month

How does this compare to Managed Capital? Take a look here:

  1. You will purchase access to a Capital Trading Account – usually starting from $50,000 – $200,000 
  2. You will work with an account manager to successfully set up and manage your capital accounts
  3. You will split commission with your account manager and the Capital Firm who is providing the capital to trade with (usually 50-90%)
  4. Income is earned in stocks, forex, indices, etc. when a profitable trade is executed (completely managed by your Forex Account Manager)
  5. A successful trader may earn 2-8% per month after all wins and all losses
  6. You could earn 10% – 50% of net monthly profit on your Managed Capital Accounts
  7. You don’t do any work!
  8. Through our special Managed Capital Report you will be offered access to over $5 Million dollars in trading capital and be offered the opportunity to earn up to 50% monthly commission

The same forces that could be a disaster for stocks and real estate are going to create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for folks who take action on this one, simple strategy.

The real beauty of this strategy is that it performs much better during financial and global turmoil.

Bloomberg Intelligence just put out a warning the other day: 

“We’re at credit bubble levels of distressed debt. So credit markets are vulnerable to a significant correction.”

Strange as it may seem – this is all very good for our platform.

These events are healthy and provide opportunities to maintain financial balance. But, most importantly, this creates extraordinary opportunities for us.

The biggest problem with this offer is that readers simply don’t believe it’s possible.

Most people have simply never seen anything that can deliver double or triple digit monthly returns.

And, do it with a safe, low(er) risk, investment and business-startup alternative.

Yes, This Is My No. 1 Favorite Investment And Income Replacement Strategy!

My exclusive - Managed Forex Report - includes:

Capital Account Growth Plans

How to acquire up to $5 Million Dollars in Capital Trading Accounts through the Brown Alliance at a cost average of .05% – .08% ($100,000 Capital Trading Account costs approx. $500 – $800 to obtain.) These accounts offer no downside, you never cover trading losses. 

I will cover how to start a Capital Account with as little as $175 using Brown Investment’s very own Brown Alliance.

And, I will lay out detailed plans for how to successfully grow your account income as quickly and safely as possible regardless of how much Capital you start with.

Risk and Account Managers

Most Capital Prop Firms only issue Capital Trading Accounts to professional day traders who can prove their trading skills through a series of evaluation tests. These tests offer proof of the traders risk management and trading abilities.

Through the Brown Alliance, we offer the unique opportunity to use a trading partner of your choice, which means you don’t ever have to learn to trade with your Capital Accounts. This means that:

1. You don’t have to be a master trader, or even understand trading basics.

2. You can manage risk for your portfolio with less emotional turmoil.

3. Your trading partner will manage your accounts past the rigorous testing phase.

In the Managed Capital Report, I will detail the best options for choosing your account manager and will provide my optimally recommended risk settings.


Bonus Commission Options

In the Managed Capital Report, I will offer bonus commission programs that will allow you to increase your potential monthly commission from 10% up to 50%.

How is this possible?

The most common question I get, and the same question I had to answer for myself when I started in this space, what is the angle?

Why would someone provide me $5 Million dollars in trading capital?

The answer is simple, money.

Capital trading accounts are provided by “prop firms”. Prop firms offer trading capital based on risk assessment and income potential.

If a capital group has $1 Million dollars to invest and was offered a managed risk option to provide me 30%+ returns annually, compared to 8-12% annual returns from stocks, they would definitely consider this a very plausible investment option based on certain risk assumptions. 

This is why prop firms are willing to invest in independent traders, it simply provides a greater return on investment (assuming proper risk management).

Why would someone manage my accounts for so little in return?

The answer is simple, money.

Managed Forex account managers have a proven track record of success and risk management.

Modern operators utilize a variety of tools, bots, trade copiers, etc, to maintain numerous trading accounts and risk portfolios. 

In other words, it takes very little for them to copy their trades to your account and you are simply providing a healthy commission to them for their expertise.

If they manage more money, they earn more money.

Power of Capital

The power of the – Managed Capital strategy so is the Capital.

Capital is leverage. If I run a small business and get a loan I now have the leverage to acquire the tools that will help me grow and make more money.

Managed Trading Capital is extremely unique though:

  1. It is not a loan, you don’t owe interest, and you never have to pay it back
  2. It doesn’t require a thorough business evaluation with a loan amount directly proportional to your current profit
  3. It doesn’t take 3 months to acquire
  4. You will never pay for losses or owe money if something goes wrong
  5. Managed Capital – through the Brown Alliance – is available immediately, does not require collateral, and is not dependent upon your personal credit score

Leverage is the tool by which any business or person is able to increase their income and net worth.

What makes the Managed Capital opportunity so lucrative? Immediate, non-collateralized, non-credit-based, trading capital that costs .05% to obtain indefinitely, and almost no cap to future Capital growth.

It cannot be duplicated in any other industry or business at this level.


3% Monthly Income From $5 Million Dollar Capital Account Is? $150,000... MONTHLY

Is there risk? Yes.

Is the reward worth the risk? You must answer that for yourself.

Remember: the biggest issue with this offer is that most people don’t believe it’s possible.

This idea is not revolutionary. There are other large prop firms that invest in successful proven traders. There are many successful proven traders who utilize prop firms to make themselves ultra-wealthy. 

The key is our custom developed prop firm partner and the trading partners that allow access to this lucrative industry to any retail investor.

Most traders are busy earning income for themselves, why bother with the hassle of managing other people’s money?

This is where my – Managed Capital Report – begins to break the barrier to help otherwise non-traders enter the market and explode their income using our proprietary resources provided by the Brown Alliance. All these opportunities with relatively low investment and low risk.



No. Your account manager will manage your profiles. However, it is recommended that you learn the basics so that you understand what is going on.

Yes. All trading accounts are in your name through our partner prop firm. You can review all live trades and account details anytime.

You can start an account ($25K) for as little as $150. We also have partner programs that offer wealth-generating opportunities for as little as $7 p/m.

There are no ongoing fees. This special report is a one-time fee. 

Capital Accounts do not require any long-term financial contracts or obligations.

No. Once you have paid your account fees to get started you are not responsible for any losses your account may incur due to market volatility or account mismanagement.

The biggest risk is the mismanagement of your capital fund. This could result in the loss of your one-time fees. However, your account manager earns a commission from your account earnings and it is in their best interest to manage your funds responsibly.

We do what we say and we say what we do. The Managed Forex special report outlines the details and recommendations to get started and be successful utilizing the tools described in this presentation. If you do not have the money to risk, or are otherwise uncomfortable taking a risk, then don’t. It’s your money, it’s your responsibility. Brown Investment Club offers refunds to all subscribers, within 30 days, if the subscriber believes the product does not provide the informational material as described in the sales offer or on this page.


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